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These items are available at the WLI Office in downtown Whitefish, MT
550 East 1st Street Suite #103

* Note: For Canadian orders, please call or email for additional postage fees.

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Bumper Sticker
Window Cling
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Voices of Our Lake
A book about Whitefish Lake written by locals
and the WLI staff

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Bathymetric map of Whitefish Lake

This map depicts the underwater topography and geographic features of Whitefish Lake revealing detailed depth contours as well as the distribution and size of underwater features.

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Montana Lake Book – 3rd Edition
A great resource about how lakes function,
how they are threatened, and
how they can be protected.

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A CD of the Flathead Watershed Sourcebook:
A Guide to an Extraordinary Place

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Detail Map of Whitefish Lake
Satellite view of major geographic features
—lake depths, bay and island names, and more.
Photographic quality with matte black finish.
Great gift!

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Flathead Watershed SourceBook – 2nd Edition
Beautiful 264 page book detailing the geography, cultures, natural history and economics of the Flathead Watershed.