Averill’s Viking Creek Wetland Preserve

WETLAND PRESERVE WILDLIFE PHOTOS In order to protect wildlife value, the trail alignment was designed so it will not encroach too far into the wetlands, leaving the northeast part of the area undisturbed. The area owned by WLI is bordered to the north and east by a Nature Conservancy Easement, creating a large contiguous area for wildlife.
Motion sensor trail cameras installed by WLI in the northeast section of the area in the summer of 2009 have captured numerous bear, mountain lion, moose, elk, deer, coyote, turkey, fox, owls and raptors. A third motion sensor trail camera was added in 2010. The photos are, and will be used for education and awareness purposes. There will be a seasonal trail closure from March 15th to May 1st of each year to protect critical terrestrial wildlife wintering and calving seasons, and to avoid potential spring bear/human conflicts. The seasonal trail closure will also protect the structural integrity of the trail in the event of exceptionally wet springs. Hunting is prohibited on the property.

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