Below is a list of all presentations in alphabetical order by speaker’s last name with a link to photos taken during that session.
To download a photo, click on session containing photo. Choose photo then select download image from upper right icons.
Presenter – Title (click on title to view presentation) – Session # – Photos (click on Photos for session  photos)
Sam Bourret – How fish otoliths can be used as a forensic tool – Session 4B – Photos
Edward Cameron – A just and sustainable world – Keynote – Photos
Cynthia Ingelfinger – Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network – Session 2B – Photos
Mike Koopal – Collaborative lake management at the local level – Session 3A – Photos
Craig McLane/Tom Woolf – The expansion of Montana’s AIS Program – Session 4A – Photos
Caitlin Mitchell – The Blackfoot-Clearwater-Swan AIS partnership – Session 1B – Photos
Rob Rich – The Blackfoot-Clearwater-Swan AIS partnership – Session 1B – Photos  
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