WLI Happenings

Great Fish Community Challenge

This Whitefish Community Foundation’s annual charitable giving campaign – the Great Fish Community Challenge –maximizes donations to participating nonprofits. WLI is proud to be a participant in the 2020 Challenge. The Whitefish Community Foundation awards an additional percentage matching grant from its own Great Fish Fund to nonprofits that raise a specified amount during the Challenge. The match percentage varies annually, but all gifts make an even greater impact when combined with the matching grant. The Great Fish Community Challenge benefits nonprofits by promoting mission awareness and inspiring community involvement.

Science Quencher

WLI’s “Science Quenchers” are a set of small events aimed at engaging community members in science and conservation issues. The events are fun gatherings of smart, interesting people with a desire to learn something new. Presentations include a handful of  “lightening round” style talks from local Flathead Watershed experts, during which time complimentary appetizers, beer, and wine are served. The events have been standing-room-only successes, each offering a variety of perspectives, generally including a local author. 2019 Science Quenchers were held on the third Friday of January, April, July, and October in the Regatta Room at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake overlooking Whitefish Lake. The April & July 2020 events were cancelled in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our October 16th event was held via Zoom.

January TBD 
5:30 PM Zoom 

Covid-19 Update

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, WLI staff closed the office March 16th. Staff continued their normal work from their respective homes and have been going to the office to tend to business as needed. The office will re-open June 15th staffed by Mike and Cynthia, while Lori will remain working primarily from home. We will remain flexible depending on local health conditions. We continue holding weekly staff, committee, and board meetings via Zoom. As part of our response, we cancelled two Science Quenchers, but we look forward to hosting them again as soon as it is safe to do so. We thank you for your support and encouragement during these challenging times, and extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones. Know that we continue our work to understand and protect Whitefish Lake and its tributaries and we look forward to brighter days on the horizon.

Montana Lakes Conference

The Montana Lakes Conference gathers diverse resource professionals to exchange information, scientific advancements, and management strategies that promote clean and healthy lake and reservoir ecosystems. Participants from academic, nonprofit, government, business organizations, and the public gather to learn about improving the health of Montana’s lakes through science and monitoring advances, watershed restoration practices, policy innovation, and collaborative stakeholder involvement. Join us on the shores of Whitefish Lake to celebrate Montana’s lakes, to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences, and to introduce new approaches to help manage and protect our lakes. Immerse yourself in innovative, practical, and applied lake management techniques and current research. In addition to the formal program, networking opportunities will allow attendees with varied experiences to collaborate on important lake management issues.

Fall 2023
The Lodge at Whitefish Lake