In the past, WLI has provided unofficial educational scholarships to university students completing summer internships with WLI. The Ripple Effect formalizes WLI's scholarship program, offering three different types of scholarships. Upon learning of WLI's desire to further formalize and expand its education programming with more robust internship opportunities, long-time WLI members who share a great interest in advancing water quality and natural resource education, stepped up to the proverbial plate by providing start-up funding for this program.

1) High School Student Entering a Four Year University Majoring in the Environmental Sciences
This scholarship is available to any Whitefish High School senior who is entering a four year university with plans to major in an environmental science field. Eligible majors include; environmental science/studies, environmental engineering, biology, and sustainability. Other majors will be considered if they demonstrate a link to an environmental emphasis.
Scholarship Amount: $500
Application: Cover Letter, WLI Application, Teacher Reference, Transcripts, Essay

2) University Student Who Completes Liminology Internship at WLI
This scholarship will be awarded to an upper level university student who completes a successful internship with WLI during the course of a summer. This scholarship essentially serves as a stipend for the student toward their continuing education.
Scholarship/Stipend Amount: $1000
Application: Cover Letter, WLI Application or University Specific Intern Application, Professor Reference, Transcripts, Essay


3) Graduate Thesis or Dissertation
Students with thesis proposals specific to Whitefish area water resources are encouraged to submit inquiries to WLI for consideration. Support to a thesis may be financial, advisory, and/or equipment to assist in their study design and execution.
Scholarship Amount: TBD
Application: Cover Letter, WLI Application, Thesis Study Plan, Graduate Committee Chair Reference

All scholarships will be advertised on the WLI website www.whitefishlake.org and in the quarterly newsletter LakeFront. The Whitefish School District will post the high school graduate scholarship. Teachers, professors and specific colleges and universities will be made aware of the Internship opportunity. Graduate thesis opportunities are communicated directly with university professors.


Applications will be available on the WLI website and applicants will be required to submit:
  • A letter of recommendation from an instructor familiar with student's work
  • Official Transcripts
  • A 300-500 Word Essay describing student's watershed ethic and why their ethic will help them become a good watershed steward.

WLI staff will review applications and submit recommendations to the WLI Board of Directors for approval.

The number of awards issued annually will be based on the fund account balance and will range from zero to a maximum of three awards. No award category will have more than one recipient annually.

Initial funding came from an operational budget donation by members. On-going support will be requested through funding challenges and through grants. Funds are escrowed in a restricted account at the Whitefish Credit Union.