Programs Overview


The Whitefish Lake Institute scientists conduct scientific research for the community and resource managers to enable them to make informed water quality decisions in the Whitefish Lake Watershed and beyond.
Science Advisory Committee
Whitefish Lake: Resource for All
Baseline Monitoring
Weather Station
Biological Communities Research
Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network


The staff of WLI reaches citizens of all ages in Whitefish and its surrounding communities through our education programs. We work with grades K-12, and offer high school job shadow opportunities, college internships and thesis support, and make presentations to civic groups reaching citizens of all ages throughout the community.

We provide opportunities for community members to participate in protecting Whitefish Lake for coming generations. Participants increase their understanding of the value of our natural resources while taking into account their individual impacts on them. These efforts to protect our natural resources while supporting responsible growth—and the financial contributions made to WLI today—are investments that will reap rewards in the economic health of our community long into the future. WLI annually recognizes citizens and organizations that make extraordinary stewardship efforts.

K-12 Programs
Scholarships and Internships
Civic Group Presentations
Chris Ruffatto Excellence in Education Award
Stewardship Awards
Flathead Sourcebook Educator's Guide

Aquatic Resource Initiatives

WLI takes on special research projects and programs deemed valuable for protecting our water resources based on the recommendations of the community and the need for scientific information. Since 2005, we have conducted research for special projects on Whitefish Lake, Tally Lake, Swan Lake, and Blanchard Lake. This work is typically funded by research grants or through programmatic partnerships.

Aquatic Invasive Species
Averill's Viking Creek Wetland Preserve
Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail
Special Projects
Community Participation