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The KGEZ Good Morning Show with John Hendricks and Robin Mitchell interview with Mike Koopal, June 11 2019
It's Inspection Season, Flathead Beacon, April 24, 2019
Help Stop Invasive Species, April 24, 2019
Mayor says state of city strong, Whitefish Pilot, APril 24, 2019
Montanans work together to protect our waters, Flathead Beacon April 24, 2019
State of the City of Whitefish - VIDEO April 1, 2019
Videos of City of Whitefish Council Meetings et al. , 2019
WLI honors former CSKT educator Germaine White - Char-Koosta News, March 28, 2019
Beaver Lake success story for invasive species removal - Whitefish Pilot, March 27, 2019
City renews AIS prevention plan - Whitefish Pilot, March 27, 2019
Thank you - Whitefish Pilot, March 27, 2019
Glaciers shrinking, but scientists still determining rate of melt - Whitefish Pilot, March 21, 2019
Examining a changing world - Whitefish Pilot, March 20, 2019
The fate of our lakes - Flathead Beacon, March 20, 2019
Institute honors contributions to protecting water quality - Whitefish Pilot, March 20, 2019
Lake stewards compare notes, talk climate change - Daily Interlake, March 17, 2019
In century ahead, glaciers may 'cling to the landscape' or vanish - Missoulian, March 14, 2019
Leaking septic systems are a known problem for Montana lakes; solutions remain elusive - Missoulian, March 14, 2019
Conference to focus on vexing mussels, other challenges - Daily Interlake, March 10, 2019
Presentation on March 13 looks at impact of fadng glaciers - Whitefish Pilot, March 6, 2019
A Voice for the Lake - Montana Lakes Conference highlights efforts to protect water bodies - Flathead Beacon, March 5, 2019
Stumptown Scoop Spring 2019
Lake Institute to host Montana Lakes Conference next month
Montana State of the Watersheds Report
Protecting water a priority - Whitefish Pilot, February 20, 2019
Montana Lakes Conference announcement - Whitefish Pilot, December 2018
FWP Receives Grant to Fight Invasive Mussels - Flathead Beacon October 2018
Off-season watercraft rules begin Oct 1, Whitefish Pilot September 26, 2018
New book shares community history with Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Pilot August 29, 2018
New book shares community's history with Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Pilot August 29,2018
Conservation efforts focus of field trip during conference - Whitefish Pilot August 24,2018
Local company creates device to expedite boat inspections - Daily Interlake - July 19, 2018
Bill takes aim at sewage seeping into northwest Montana lakes - Missoulian - July 15, 2018
Abstracts taken for first Montana Lakes Conference - Whitefish Pilot - July 4, 2018
Help stop invasive species - Flathead Beacon June 27, 2018
Commission puts focus on septic contamination - Whitefish Pilot June 27, 2018
Comments sought on state AIS funding Whitefish Pilot June 20, 2018
Giving Together - 2017 Annual Report to the Community - Whitefish Community Foundation
Commission Keeping Watch on Montana Waterways - Flathead Beacon - May 16, 2018
Lake monitoring program seeks volunteers - Whitefish Pilot - April 18, 2018
Septic Contamination issues for lake remain unsolved - Whitefish Pilot - April 4, 2018
Dan Handlin KGEZ Radio Interview- Invasive Species Bitterroot Lake (download MP3 audio only)
Watercraft Inspector/Decontaminator- Whitefish Pilot - March 28, 2018
Modifications suggested for city AIS prevention program - Whitefish Pilot - March 28, 2018
Basin Commission ends pilot program- Daily Inerlake - February 23, 2018
Wisconsin Avenue corridor plan ready for review - Whitefish Pilot - January 3, 2018
A Year in review - 2017 - presented by Whitefish COmmunity Fuondation
Good News of 2017 - Whitefish Pilot - January 3, 2018
Closing the loop - Whitefish Pilot - November 29, 2017
Seaplane Pilots tell how they can fight invasive species - Whitefish Pilot - November 19, 2017
Stakeholders Share Invasive Mussel Strategies At 'Unprecedented' Upper Columbia Basin Meeting - December 12, 2017 - MT NPR News
Book tells story or how lakes function, challenges they face - November 8, 2017 - Whitefish Pilot
Montana vs. Mussels - Daily Interlake October 23, 2017
Aquatic Invaders - Big Sky Boat Show 2017
Whitefish Firms up Partnership with State on Local AIS Stations - The Flathead Beacon - July 26 2017
2016 Whitefish Community Foundation Annual Report to the Community - July 2017
City updates invasive regs to match state - Whitefish Pilot - July 26, 2017
Whitefish tweaks invasive species regulations - Daily Interlake - July 17, 2017
The Great Fish Community Challenge Announcement - July 20, 2017
Whitefish council votes for closer cooperation with State on evasive mussel prevention - Montana Public Radio - July 18, 2017
Invasive Species Bill Adds Fee to Flathead Electric Members - Flathead Beacon - June 29, 2017
City calls out state for push back on invasive regs - June 28, 2017 Whitefish Pilot
Whitefish Lake Institute Stands Watch - Spring-Summer 2017 Whitefish, Montana - Local Guide
National Trails Day in Whitefish - June 3, 2017 Whitefish, Montana - Flathead Beacon
Training dates set for volunteer lake-monitoring network - June 1, 2017 Whitefish, Montana - Whitefish Pilot
Nonprofits selected for annual Great Fish Community Challenge May 31, 2017 Whitefish, Montana - Whitefish Pilot
Institute honors water monitoring volunteers - Whitefish Pilot - May 24, 2017
Checks for the Community - Whitefish Pilot - May 24,, 2017
Study: Not All Montanans Aware of Invasive Mussels - Flathead Beacon - May 11, 2017
Mandatory boat inspections begin for lake - Whitefish Pilot - April 26, 2017
Whitefish Lake Institute and City of Whitefish Release Boating Regulations for Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau - April 25, 2017
Whitefish Fortifies Defense Against Invasive Species - Whitefish Pilot - April 19, 2017
Foundation grant helps start AIS prevention program - Whitefish Pilot - April 12, 2017
Watercraft Inspector-Decontaminator - Whitefish Pilot - April 12, 2017
AIS Program aims to protect Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Pilot - April 5, 2017
City approves AIS program - Whitefish Pilot - March 29, 2017
Help Wanted - Flathead Beacon - March 29, 2017
Institute announces new scholarships - Whitefish Pilot - March 22, 2017
WLI presents information on the City's Aquatic Invasive Species program - Whitefish Pilot - March 1, 2017
Institute honors educator, water quality work - Whitefish Pilot - February 15, 2017, 2017
Preventative Measures key in keeping AIS out of lake - Whitefish Pilot - January 4, 2017, 2017
Invasive species growing concern for Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Pilot - January 4, 2017, 2017
5.78 miles long -- impressive stats of Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Pilot - December 7, 2016
History of Brickmaking in Whitefish - Whitefish Pilot - November 22, 2016
Whitefish Lake Changes with the Seasons - Whitefish Pilot - November 8, 2016
Gauge Important for Measuring Water Depth - Whitefish Pilot - October 26, 2016
Septic polution a complex issue worth solving - Whitefish Pilot - August 3, 2016
Groups fund boat inspection station at City Beach - Whitefish Pilot - May 18, 2016
Grants could mean Whitefish water system improvements - Whitefish Pilot - May 11, 2016
Nutrient lawsuit could have impacts in Whitefish - Whitefish Lake Pilot - August 3, 2016
City annexes West Lakeshore properties - Whitefish Lake Pilot - July 27, 2016
City OKs deferred annexation to protect lake quality - Whitefish Lake Pilot - July 27,2016
Opinion - Whitefish Lake Pilot - June 15,2016
Whitefish moves to annex Lakeshore propeties - June 15,2016
Stream Flows Impact Whitefish Lake - June 8,2016
Trail Work Day - Whitefish Pilot - June 8,2016
Wetland Trail Work Day - Whitefish Pilot - June 1,2016
City Beach opens May 28 - Whitefish Pilot - May 28,2016
Viking Creek Wetland vital to lake water quality - Whitefish Pilot - May 2016
Inspecton station at City Beach - Whitefish Pilot - May 11, 2016
Council considers allowing deferred annexation - Whitefish Pilot - May 11, 2016
Fourth of July holiday busiest for City Beach boat inspections - Whitefish Pilot - May 2016
Whitefish council looks at Lion Mountain annexation - Daily Inter Lake - May 2, 2016
Thoughts about annexation - Daily Inter Lake - April 29, 2016
City wins suit over annexation - Daily Inter Lake - April 2016
West Lakeshore properties eyed for annexation - Whitefish Pilot - April 27, 2016
Fetilizer impact on water quality - Whitefish Pilot - April 20, 2016
City takes hard look at Lion Mountain annexation - Whitefish Pilot - April 20, 2016
Whitefish gears up for more annexation - Daily Inter Lake - April 17, 2016
Institute says apathy threatening health of lake - Whitefish Pilot - April 6, 2016
Boat Inspection - Whitefish Pilot April 4, 2016
Notice of Public Meeting on Lion Mountain Preliminary Engineering Report - April 13, 2016
Clarification - Whitefish studies sewer options for Lion Mountain - Daily Interlake - April 4, 2016
Whitefish studies sewer options for Lion Mountain - Daily Interlake - April 4, 2016
Progress in eradicating invasive from Beaver Lake- March 30, 2016 - Whitefish Pilot
Community Forum Announcement - March 22, 2016
Cost of Clean Water Report: Lion Mountain homes should connect to city services - Whitefish Pilot
Opinion - Questioning the Lion Mountain septic study- Whitefish Pilot
A road map to water quality projects - Whitefish Pilot
Digging into the glacial history of Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Pilot
Flathead Watershed Sourcebook Educator's Guide - Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana

State of the Lake - Whitefish Pilot
Report looks at historic impacts on lake - Whitefish Pilot
Lake Institute crafts water quality restoration plan - Whitefish Pilot
Whitefish Lake At Tipping Point - Whitefish Pilot
The Future of Whitefish Lake - Flathead Beacon
Highlights from the 2015 Community Grant Program
Whitefish Community Foundation - Impact 2015 - by the NUMBERS
Interview with Mike Koopal, Executive Director on KAJ18 Kalispell
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      [Link to Video]
Low water, fire smoke impacts lake water clarity
Whitefish Lake water level nears record low
Thank you for making our fundraiser a huge success!!!!!!
Scientists honored for lake research
An interview with Mike Koopal - Whitefish Community Radio
All Eyes on the Water - Montana Outdoors
Whitefish Community Foundation - Russ & Mary Jane Street Community Service Award
Whitefish Community Foundation's Great Fish Community Challenge
Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail - Flathead Beacon
City invests in aquatic invasive efforts - Whitefish Pilot
Lake Report - Whitefish Pilot
Sean Averill's Breakthrough Year
Cabin Life - Lake Association Spotlight
New filter system to be installed at Whitefish City Beach
Providing a Voice for Whitefish Lake

The First Annual Russ and Mary Jane Street Community Service Award - Whitefish Lake Institute
Lazy Bay, Lakeshore target of more study
Protecting Whitefish Area Water - Montana Senior News Oct.Nov
Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail provides educational opportunities
Whitefish Chamber of Commerce - WLI Gone Fishin'
2014 Wine Auction - Thank You!
Boat inspection efforts ramped up at City Beach
Boat ramp filter planned at City beach
2nd Street Subdivison gets final approval
Neighbors silent on 2nd Street subdivision
Murdock leaves legacy of land conservancy
Audubon Society honors Whitefish scientist
Cycle of Ice

Check station inspects 2,000 boats - Whitefish Pilot
Whitefish to look at Septic Improvements - Daily Interlake
Whitefish Lake still safe, experts seek contamination solution - NBC Montana
New council will tackle septic issue - Whitefish Pilot
Eye of the toad - Whitefish Pilot
Hot summer weather brings out lake leeches - Whitefish Pilot
Over $30,000 raised to keep Whitefish Lake pristine - Whitefish Free Press
Wine auction benefits Whitefish Lake Institute - Whitefish Pilot
Preserving the wetlands - Flathead Beacon
Fine Wine and Good Times = Clean Water! - Flathead Beacon
Natural beauty of wetlands showcased at newly-opened preserve and nature trail
Living Wetlands Nature Trail's Grand Opening - July 2013
Upping the fight against aquatic invasives - Whitefish Pilot
Looking at landscape care and water quality - The Water Closet - Whitefish Pilot
Creating a trail of learning - Daily InterLake
Group works on plan to deal with septic pollution - Whitefish Pilot
Whitefish wastewater survey - Daily InterLake
Spotlight on Academic Excellence - Whitefish Pilot
WCWC Requests Community Comments - The Water Closet - Whitefish Pilot
Wetlands trail to open in July - Whitefish Pilot
Septic Systems 101 - Water Closet - Whitefish Pilot
Wetlands trail to open in July
Protecting the lake for the long-term - Whitefish Pilot
Invasive Species, septic leaching are top concerns
New license plate helps lake group
Group creating wastewater program - The Water Closet - Whitefish Pilot

Financing Septic Upgrades - The Water Closet - Whitefish Pilot
Committee looks to monitor water issues
FREEFLOW students assist with study- Whitefish Pilot
NPR Montana Evening Broadcast - Whitefish Takes Steps to Address Septic Contamination in the Lake (Blog and MP3 audio)
City gets proactive about invasice species—Whitefish Pilot
City explores septic cleanup solutions—Whitefish Pilot
Cleanup From Derailment to Begin at Whitefish Lak—Flathead Beacone
Cleanup of petroleum-tainted sediment to begin on Whitefish Lake—The Missoulian
NPR Montana Evening Broadcast (download MP3 audio only)
Scientific Study Identifies Septic Pollution in Whitefish Lake—Flathead Beacon
Septic pollution detected in Whitefish Lake—Whitefish Pilot
Study Confirms Septic Polution in Whitefish Lake—The Missoulian
Whitefish Lake Study Finds Septic Polution—NBC.com

WLI Provides Hands-On Science to Muldown 2nd Graders
$300,000 in Grants Awarded - WLI recipient of awards
Some milfoil removed from Beaver Lake
Eurasian Watermilfoil Unwelcome Arrival
Diver will pull weeds in Beaver Lake
Swan Lakers step up efforts
Foundation awards more than $240,000
Scholars Study Issues Facing Lake
Boat ramp w/ milfoil remains closed
Annual sailing regatta 'best ever'
Wine Auction Wine Tasting on the Lake is Huge Success
WLI joins "Zap the Zebras" Community Effort
2011 Wine Auction Proceeds Benefit WLI
Eurasian Watermilfoil Weed of the Week
Lake Group Broadens Its Reach
Aquatic invasive species bill introduced
Beaver Lake users urged to clean boats

Invasive aquatic weed to be pulled from Montana lake
Invasive Weed Hits Lake In Whitefish
'Donut' issue is No. 1 story of 2010
Mussel signs found in Flathead Lake
Underwood sweeps annual Laser races
The Whitefish Lake Institute will hold a wine auction
Lake Institute calls for action
City lobbies to protect Haskill watershed
Samples show need for water treatment
Council delays decision on Viking Creek RV proposal
Cheers for volunteers

Big Fish Radio Interview
Stumptown Art Studio decorated in style
Water quality stewards honored for work

Food Bank director gets the Fish Award
Lake Institute gathering data for TMDL model
Keeping an eye on the lake's health
A note of appreciation
Fire season is top story of 2007

Lakes Conference unites municipalities
Whitefish/Leak leaves river stinking of gasoline
Benzene levels at City Beach exceed federal standards
Kudos bestowed on Wisconsin project
Wisconsin wetlands preserved in perpetuity
Lake's water quality threatened by watercraft

Whitefish year in review
Group aims to save Wisconsin wetlands
Predacious pike designed to kill

Opponents present their case on Boardwalk
Group to study lake
Charles Dickens and bull trout
Census of boats/docks on WF Lake by WLI
City annexes the lake, doubles city's area
Shrimping for answers in the lake
My limited lake vocabulary
Neighbors protest Hell Roaring home site
A centennial look at lake stewardship

WLI Media Releases

WHITEFISH AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES 2018 PROGRAM LAUNCHED: New Hours, New Prevention & Decontamination Station Location

Don "K" Subaru Partners with the Whitefish Lake Institute to Provide Early Access to Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Inspections and Preventative Hot Washes

Volunteer Openings for Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network

Shawn Devlin joins Whitefish Lake Institute part-time as Aquatic Ecologist

Volunteer Openings for Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network: Training Dates Announced

Whitefish Lake Institute presents Chris Ruffatto Excellence in Education Award to Nicky Ouellet of Montana Public Radio

Cynthia Ingelfinger joins Whitefish Lake Institute as Science & Education Coordinator

Montana Lake Book Third Edition published



Whitefish Lake Institute Recruiting Water Inspector/Decontaminator

Whitefish Lake Institute announces Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network "volunteer service award" recipients

Whitefish Lake Institute announces the Ripple Effect Scholarship Fund

Flathead Watershed Sourcebook Second Edition published: New companion Flathead Watershed Educators' Guide available


Whitefish Lake Institute announces annual stewardship and education award recipients

Volunteers Needed for Living Wetland Interpretive Nature Trail Workday
Watercraft Inspection Station at City Beach Gets A Home
Whitefish Lake Institute Presents Whitefish Area Water Resource Report at Community Forum

Whitefish Lake Institute Releases Water Resources Report - Lake at "Tipping Point"
Drs' Jack Stanford and Bonnie Ellis of the Flathead Lake Biological Station Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award; Brian Sullivan Receives Annual Stewardship Award

WLI Reports Community Forum and Survey Results

Whitefish Lake Institute Finds New Headquarters in Downtown Whitefish

Whitefish Legacy Partnership receives Stewardship Award; Lex Blood Lifetime Achievement Stewardship Award

Volunteers Needed for Lake Monitoring Program

Whitefish Lake Institute Unveils Kids' Discovery Guide for Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail

Heaven Scent Supports Local Store and Encourages Community to Clean Green!

Whitefish High School Project FREEFLOW Partners with Whitefish Lake Institute on Research Funded by Nonpoint Source Mini Grant"

Whitefish Lake Septic Leachate Study Released

Workgroup Asks Recreationists - Help Stop Spread of EWM
AIS Group Reports Eurasian Watermilfoil Found in Beaver Lake
Local Economy Gets Boost From Unlikely Source
Volunteers Needed For Lake Monitoring Program

Whitefish Lake Institute Seeks Stewardship Award Nominations

Watershed Stories

Watershed Stories


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