Citizens' Advisory Committee

Nicole James

Cindy LaChance

Sue Moll

Linda Sawtelle

Nancy Svennungsen

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee enables community involvement and participation in support of the science and WLI's education goals. The Citizens’ Advisory Committee provides a forum for the exchange of information between citizens and WLI, conducts community outreach, and provides opportunities for learning about—and engaging in—Whitefish Lake Watershed issues.

The Committee also comes together to plan WLI's Whitefish Wine Auction. They offer ideas for continually improving the event while maintaining its popularity among locals and wine enthusiasts from the States and Canada. They also provide assistance in the execution of the event; from decorating and running registration to showcasing auction items.

Courtney Feldt, Kim Corette & Linda Sawtelle hand out Reidel glasses to attendees

Sue Fletcher
shows off a bottle
of Otis Kenyon
Cindy LaChance
brings forth the
next libation
Katie Callahan buff enough to
hold this huge bottle
Linda Sawtelle, Gina Castren, Sue Moll &
Cindy LaChance at Friday Wine Auction
Katie Callahan, Mae Koopal, Kim Corette,
Lori Curtis & Linda Sawtelle stop to smile while
getting ready for the Whitefish Wine Auction