Why I am on the WLI Board of Directors

"It has been an honor to serve on the Whitefish Lake Institute Board of Directors for the past three years. The service this organization provides to our community is of tremendous value. Whitefish is very fortunate to have an organization with highly talented professionals that offer credible, scientific information essential for individual and community policy decisions. I am delighted to offer my unequivocal support to the Whitefish Lake Institute, and hope that you will to." Ed Lieser, Forestry Consultant, Retired US Forest Service

"Whitefish Lake is hanging in the balance. Growing up, I observed first-hand the demise of my mountain lake due to failing septic systems, aquatic invasive species, and acid rain. We have the opportunity to avoid those types of disasters and to protect one of our community's most beloved resources, for future generations." John Muhlfeld, Whitefish Mayor; River Design Group President and Principal Hydrologist

"With a body of water as beautiful as Whitefish Lake, it is hard to imagine losing this clean, clear, inspiring gem to the process of degradation that can happen if we don't actively protect it. I support WLI because it is the science arm of this needed protection, doing the work to inform the public, regulatory bodies, and local government of the lake's true condition and recommend the actions to sustain its purity. The lake cannot "take care of itself" It needs WLI to serve as the watchful eye that enables all parties involved to act responsibly." Hank Riklefs, Retired Plum Creek Executive

"Science matters, and good science makes the world a better place." Mike Shaw, Retired U.S. Forest Service Manager, Snow Sports Industry Manager, Patroller, & Instructor

Past Board Members

"I honestly can't think of any resource that is more critical to our community than Whitefish Lake. I hope as a board member that I can help to sustain and nurture this valuable treasure." Carol Atkinson, Whitefish Philanthropist; Retired NSA Education & Training Officer; Retired Writer & Copy Editor

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught. Baba Dioum, Senegalese Forestry Engineer

"This quote was on the front page of The Whitefish Lake Institute's 2007 newsletter. At the time, I was on a quest to find a nonprofit organization whose mandate meshed with my beliefs. As a then part-time resident, I wanted to give back to this community which I loved. My volunteer background in Calgary was steeped in environmental protection projects and education. When I read this quote and familiarized myself with the objectives of The Whitefish Lake Institute, I knew I had found such an organization. It has been an honor and a source of pride for me to be involved both financially and personally." Sue Fletcher, Artist; Retired Petroleum Geologist, Yoga Instructor

"I serve on the board of and support with my membership the Whitefish Lake Institute because its mission, to preserve and protect the clean, clear water of Whitefish Lake, serves the City of Whitefish, the State of Montana, and the cause of environmental protection. I am proud that the Institute staff tirelessly monitors water quality, advises the community if action is needed to address potential degradation, and devises projects and programs to maintain the pristine status of our precious lake for generations to come. I am grateful that the Institute reaches out to government and private interests for financial support to assure that its efforts can be successful. We are fortunate, indeed, to have this dedicated staff looking after our lake." Sharon Morrison, Whitefish Lawyer; Alpine Theater Project Board Member